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  1. hey Rick!!!!!! hope your doin great and feeling even better;my name is Paul Fuller and I was fortunate enough to meet and hang out with you and Steven at the Broome County arena after a great show,this may you remember as Steven and I had an argument over clothes(in the end him and I laughed it off,anyway you and I met first then you remarked how I looked a lot like him but this is what may refresh ya Steven gave me a jacket but he loved that jacket a custume made suede tan one and I gave it back to him after talkin to you and I just wanted you to know I love your work and was hoping you might make me lucky enough to autograph a piece of clothing or sign a picture;i feel you fit right in with them Jimmys a GREAT dude etc his playing was great as well but he was no Joe F Perry =) any way ty so much for any consideration,if I am lucky at this long shot id put it next to the ST scarf hangin up TY SOoooo much for even reading this Rick and Beth!!=)oh my address is 35 Morel st Scranton Pa 18509 id be thrilled even for a hello my phone # is( 570)815-9342ive been an aerosmith fan since 73, 74 I’m 55 and STILL lovin ALL of you on ruts and ROck in a hard place I loved it watching you carrying Steven on your shoulders “AND” STILL playing and how you chopped or sawed a piece of your one guitar!!=)again rick ty for all your music and for riling a lot of life into tyler,there was a method to the madness LOL

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